Are you passionate about making stunning websites?

At Messbusters, our mission is to make it possible that our civilisation evolves faster towards the Sci-Fi world we're all dreaming about. We do this by launching useful products and failing, pivoting, learning and finally succeeding. It's the most exciting work place ever, we're working remotely and it's insanely fun to be able to do all this.

This is who we are, and what we love to do. And we're looking for similar people. Are you one of us?

Our values

  • Lean
  • K.I.S.S.
  • Agile
  • Transparent
  • No dumb stuff
  • Small actions that make a huge difference
  • No assholes

What is your role?

  • Writing efficient, fast and reusable code for frontend.
  • In our current projects, we're working with jQuery, Semantic UI or Bootstrap, but you're free to use whatever you think is best suited, as long as it makes sense.
  • You need to OWN your code! Knowing the code inside out helps us with estimates, and helps you with coding.
  • Have good communications with the backend team, to ensure a good performance of the product.
  • Keep others in the loop with your progress, and we will do the same with ours. Transparency is one of the keys to success.
  • Document your code! At some point, you will feel like working on another project, and other heroes need to take over your code. We have discovered that writing the docs in parallel with coding is the optimal way.
  • Test your code before you commit! Otherwise, you will slow everyone down.

The profile of a hero

  • Positive and friendly attitude.
  • Communicate with others, be a team player! There is no politics in our dojo.
  • Excellent problem solving skills. Be an asset, instead of a liability. Uncle Google can solve 90% of your roadblocks. For the rest of 10% there are trainings, books and/or sleepless nights.
  • Be proactive! Don't ask for validation on every step you make, that is just dumb. Make sure you understand the story before you start coding, and don't stop until you get it done.
  • Words like "impossible", "cannot", "difficult" are not in your vocabulary.
  • You know how to write good frontend code. If you don't, we're also looking for interns.
  • Having the right attitude is more important than technical knowledge. It takes much more time to train your attitude, than to train your coding skills.
  • Attention to details. Don't butcher our design!
  • Ability to have fun while working. Grumpy cats are not welcome in our dojo.

Working at Messbusters

  • Positive and supportive growth atmosphere
  • A young, highly motivated team with flat hierarchies in an ambitious startup mindset
  • We all have an open mind - your voice is heard
  • Work from anywhere - we are digital nomads, and we like to get together from time to time
  • We support your personal projects - we like hackatons, and if your prototype has potential, it might become our next product! Our mantra is: "We believe in your madness!"
  • Osiris, our CEO, is a sanguine/choleric guy, and a pleasure to work with
  • Some tools that we like to use: Slack, Trello, GitLab

Begin: as soon as possible
Duration: indefinite
Salary: just enough to not think about money and focus on your goals